Are you Content?

 Free Spirit Answers worth knowing to questions worth asking are never short and never instant. This column is dedicated to discussing topics that explore abstract questions on humanity, life, the universe, and spirituality.  Are you Content? Do you dream of a better job, a bigger house, a fancier car, a thinner or more muscular body, […]

Tis the Season for Giving and Taking

  Tis the Season for Giving and Taking.  When December rolls around holiday shopping and the gift giving and taking season reaches a yearly all time high. Indeed a joyful time of the year where we as a community get together to celebrate wonderful holidays.   However, is this season only about making sure gift lists […]

New Year, New Resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions New Year resolutions come to mind as soon as we begin the first of January of any given year. What are some of your resolutions this year? Most of us begin with improvements in our physical self, such as lose weight, join a gym, eat healthy etc. Others focus on the […]


 Hidden Pearls await discovery their flesh gleams white and pure Locked in an oyster’s hardened shell How long must they endure? A slice of curiosity, a swing of fate They are released from prison’s door To proudly shine upon the skin Of a Lady, so demure. 

Hope like Fire

Kindle the Flames of Hope For Joy is in the Fire Which Burns for  Unfulfilled Dreams 


 Scared like a Child I close my eyes Shut, Afraid to face fears Wanting to run away But I Must, Gather the courage to persevere  Keeping my faith  I continue I Trust. 


Grief What do you know about Grief Until you Walk Alongside its Shadow Lost in a world of Disbelief  Of what was Once in my Reach Disappeared Far into the Gallows His Sweet Voice,  His Pure Love,  Lives On in Memory’s Meadows As long as there is breath in these lungs He Shall remain Alive […]

5 AM

5 AM I lay with myself Alone and Content.  Morning’s stillness brings anew  the inspiration to surge,  the hunger to strive,  the power to conquer.  All to be Lost when the world  Comes Alive….      @krish.fitnessreelz 

Self-Care Yogi

  Self- Care You Don’t have to be a  Tea Drinking Meditating  Vegan only  Downward Dog Posing Yogi To Practice Self-Care Just Put your Feet Up and Breathe Out… 


 Liberated  With each passing year, I gain a wrinkle in my brow And a dimple in my cheek. With each passing year, I gain an ounce more courage  to tread the path I seek, To chase the dreams I dream. With each passing year, I liberate myself  Slowly unpacking the years of guilt and self-doubt, […]