Krishma Tuli Arora

Krishma Tuli Arora

Krishma Tuli Arora

An unexpected death sends eighteen-year-old Mira Singh tumbling into the gap between two cultures and between two generations. Her rich Indian heritage and strong Sikh faith sustain her while she grapples through this tragic loss, a forbidden first love, and her journey into womanhood. During her freshman year at NYU, she finds herself sorting through the memories of her family’s 1984 immigration to America and their subsequent life in suburban Long Island. She must reconcile her own beliefs with those of her traditional family—on interfaith relationships, sexual orientation, and infidelities—in order to understand the person she is becoming, versus the person her parents expect her to be. And it’s not only Mira who must struggle through it all. Each member of her family is torn apart by this sudden death, shedding light on each of their troubled lives. Will this tragedy finally bring them all together or will it pull them all apart? This novel explores themes of family, cultural oppression of women from diverse ethnic backgrounds; discrimination, interfaith relationships, and sexual orientation.

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Love And Loss In ‘From Ash To Ashes’

“The details of pains, happiness and the different feelings all poured out of the pages fluidly.”

—Enthuse Reader

“A complex depiction of a family in turmoil.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“a profoundly moving and emotionally charged novel”


“From Ash to Ashes is an emotional read. All the characters in the book are beautifully sketched.”

—Book Island

A very well woven tale of family, emotions, mental health and traumas along with the complexities of human lives and their emotions and what lies within them!”

—Rutuja Ramteke


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Love And Loss In ‘From Ash To Ashes’

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